UpSkill Infotech Provides Android Development Coaching and Tutoring for IT students pursuing BScIT, BScCS, BCA, MScIT, MCA and other IT courses.

Android is an open source and Linux-based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Android was developed by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google, and other companies.

Android programming is based on Java programming language(now Kotlin) so if you have basic understanding on Java programming then it will be a fun to learn Android application development.

Why to learn Android programming?
  • Open source.
  • Large target audience (almost 80% of mobile users are using Android).
  • Led by Google.
  • High Job availabilty.
  • High paying Jobs.
  • Mobile Development is the future.


This Course is for anyone and everyone who wishes to learn the Android Programming starting from the very basics. Best suitable for IT students from various graduation/post-graduation courses like BSc.IT, BSC.CS, BCA, MSc.IT, MSc.CS, MCA. We will be covering the practical paradigms  of Android Programming in this course.

Most importantly you will learn how to create your very first Android App and publish it Live on Google Playstore. You will be able to create a complete live App which you can publish globally for users to download.


This is a certification course and you will be presented with a certificate in a PDF format (  sample download).


 Lectures : 30 (2hr each)
Skill level : All Level
Language : English
Students : Max 15 per batch
Certificate : Yes
Flexible time slots
70% practicals – 30% theory


 Basic Computer Knowledge
Carry your own Laptop
Core Java Knowledge


Rs 10000/-
Rs 8000 /-

1. Android - Introduction (6hrs)
  • What is Android? Why Android? Features of Android, Features of Android, history of Android, What is API level?
  • Android Architecture – structural diagram, Linux kernel, android libraries, Android runtime, Application Framework layer, Key Features of Android 7. Nougat.
  • Android Application Components – Activities, Activity –lifecycle. Services, Broadcast Receivers, Content Providers. Additional components – Fragments, Views, Layouts, Intents, Resources, Manifest
  • Environment setup – Android Studio 3.0, Installation of AS, Features of AS, Structural overview, key folders and hierarchy.
  • First Hello Word Application.
  • Q&A
2. Android - User Interface (6hrs)
  • Android layout types, layout attributes, Creating the activity, working with views, using resources, working with intents and services
  • Android UI controls – textview, edittext, button, imagebutton, checkbox, togglebutton, radiobutton, radiogroup, progressbar, spinner, timepicker, datepicker, webview.
  • Android event handling- event listeners, event listeners registration, event handlers.
  • Android styles and themes – defining styles, using styles, style inheritance, applying colors to theme attributes
3. Android – Storage Options (6hrs)
  • Shared Preferences, Internal Storage, External Storage, SQLite Databases, Network Connection.
  • SQLite Database – Introduction, Database – Package, Database – Creation, Database – Insertion, Database – Fetching
4. Android - Location and Sensors (6hrs)
  • Introduction, Getting a Current Location, Sensors Overview and Types of Sensors – Motion Sensors, Position Sensors, Environmental Sensors.
  • Android Sensor API – Sensor Framework, SensorManager, Sensor, SensorEvent, SensorEventListener
  • Basic example App using Sensors.
5. Android - Multimedia Audio, video & camera (6hrs)
  • Playing audio & video, Capturing media, MediaPlayer class,
  • Android Video Player – MediaController class, VideoView class
  • Android MediaRecorder class
  • Android – Camera
6. Android – Email, SMS, Calling (6hrs)
  • Phone calling
  • Emails
  • SMS
7. Android - REST API integration (6hrs)
  • UsingAsyncTask to perform network operations, introduction to HtttpUrlConnection and JSON, performing network operations asynchronously, Volley library
8. Android - Online Database and Central Storage (6hrs)
  • MySQL Online Database – Introduction, JSON basics, PHP Scripts, Insert, Update, Select & Delete operations in Online MySQL DB.
9. Live Project (6hrs)
  • Develop a complete working Android App from scratch.
10. Publishing App to google Playstore (6hrs)
  • Generate Signed APK, Keystore basics, Google Play Registration
  • Regression Testing, Application Rating, Targeted Regions, Application Size,SDK and Screen Compatibility, Application Pricing, Promotional Content, Build and Upload release-ready APK, Finalize Application Detail
UpSkill Infotech Visiting faculty - Sachin Satam
UpSkill Infotech Visiting faculty - Sachin Satam
Sachin Satam

-CEO – Incognisys Solutions
(visiting faculty)

I am a Full Stack Developer, a Lecturer by Passion and YouTuber in the field of Information Technology and holding Masters Degree in Computer Application (MCA). I have worked on many live projects till date and will continue to work on further projects. You can check my profile at and my YouTube Channel by the name The Tech Talks.

Skill Set

Communication Skills
tanmay sakpal - faculty at upskill infotech
tanmay sakpal - faculty at upskill infotech
Tanmay Sakpal

-Tech Enthusiast

I am a tech enthusiast and love sharing knowledge on  information technology an computer science oriented subjects. I have a bachelors degree in Information Technology(BSc.IT) and recently complete my Masters in Computer Application (MCA). I have been working on freelance projects over 3 years now and have also developed many websites & Android Apps. I also have my own YouTube Channel : Simple Snippets where I teach and share my knowledge on technology oriented subjects. Check out my full Resume : Click here.

Skill Set

Communication Skills
Applications of Android  Development

Mobile App Development

Games & GUI

Advance Computations

Smart Wearables

Smart TVs

Artificial Intelligence