PHP MySQL programming course at UpSkill Infotech

The PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a programming language that allows web developers to create dynamic content that interacts with databases. PHP is basically used for developing web based software applications. PHP is a server scripting language, and a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages. PHP is a widely-used, free, and efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft’s ASP.

Why to learn PHP programming with MySQL DB?
  • Both PHP & MySQL are open source
  • Simple
  • Wide range of Applications
  • High Job availabilty
  • Easy to understand


This Course is for anyone and everyone who wishes to learn PHP programming language starting from the very basics. Best suitable for IT students from various graduation/post-graduation courses like BSc.IT, BSC.CS, BCA, MSc.IT, MSc.CS, MCA. We will also be covering up the topic on MySQL Database which is an open source RDBMS and we will perform Database connectivity with PHP and MySQL.

Most importantly we will be covering many practical programs based on the fundamental concepts that we learn so this will be very beneficial for IT students who have PHP as a practical subject since we will be covering up most of the practical programs that are usually asked in practical exams.


This is a certification course and you will be presented with a certificate in a PDF format (  sample download).


 Lectures : 20-25 (2hrs each)
Skill level : Beginners
Language : English
Students : Max 15 per batch
Certificate : Yes
Flexible time slots
Weekdays & Weekend Time Slots
70% Practicals – 30% Theory


Basic Computer Knowledge
Carry your own Laptop


Rs 7000/-
Rs 5000 /-

1. Introduction (4hrs)
  • History, features and application, common uses of PHP.
  • Understanding client/server roles Apache, PHP, MySQL, XAMPP Installation
  • Setting up development environment.
  • Structure of a program. Compilation and Execution of a program.
2. PHP Fundamentals (4hrs)
  • PHP Basic syntax
  • PHP Data Types, Variables & Constants
  • PHP Operators
  • PHP Control Structures
  • PHP Loops
3. PHP Arrays & Strings (4hrs)
  • Array Basics & introduction
  • Numeric array
  • Associative array
  • Multidimensional array
  • Strings : Basics, operations, predefined functions : strlen(), strpos()
4. PHP Functions (4hrs)
  • Overview, defining a function, accessing a function, passing arguments to a function, recursion, return values
  • Passing arguments to a function: call by reference, call by value.
  • PHP include(), PHP require()
5.PHP Forms (4hrs)
  • PHP Form handling, PHP GET, PHP POST, PHP Form Validation
6. PHP Cookies & PHP Sessions (4hrs)
  • PHP Cookie handling
    • Setting cookies in PHP
    • Accessing cookies in PHP
    • Deleting cookies in PHP
  • PHP Session Handling
    • Starting a PHP Session
    • Destroying a PHP Session
7. Basic MySQL, Simple SQL queries (4hrs)
  • Database basics
  • PHP MyAdmin
  • Connect function
  • CRUD: MySQL Create, MySQL Insert, MySQL Select, MySQL Update, MySQL Delete, MySQL Truncate, MySQL Drop
8. Advanced SQL query building (4hrs)
  • WHERE condition
  • Order By
  • Group By
  • Having, LIKE
  • AND OR operators
tanmay sakpal - faculty at upskill infotech
tanmay sakpal - faculty at upskill infotech
Tamay Sakpal

-Tech Enthusiast

I am a tech enthusiast and love sharing knowledge on  information technology an computer science oriented subjects. I have a bachelors degree in Information Technology(BSc.IT) and recently complete my Masters in Computer Application (MCA). I have been working on freelance projects over 3 years now and have also developed many websites & Android Apps. I also have my own YouTube Channel : Simple Snippets where I teach and share my knowledge on technology oriented subjects. Check out my full Resume : Click here.

Skill Set

Communication Skills
Applications of PHP Language

Dynamic Websites


Web Development Frameworks

E-commerce Applications

Image Processing

Data Representation